Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lu and Ed's Mon-Stors

I know that I haven't posted anything in here for a long, LOOONG time, (though I'm hoping to change that in the coming days/ weeks!) but I really felt that I needed to post this, because I really, REALLY want this adorable piece!  :D

I have a friend from FB who is very talented.  She makes these wonderful storage containers, called Mon-Stors, that look like little monsters!  They hang on the wall, and they "eat" whatever you put in them, only to have them give the items up at a later date.  They are wonderfully imaginative, and she makes each one herself.  So in an attempt to help her get her store more attention, as well as to raise breast cancer awareness (since the one being given away is a Breast-cancer awareness Mon-Stor), I am posting about them here, (here is the link to her blog about the contest, and here is a link to her store) because I really think she does a great job.  And now I am off to take care of a few necessary things that I have to handle before my husband gets home.  But THAT is another story, and NOT for this particular blog!  :)