Sunday, February 27, 2011


I'm going to try this, just to see if it works.  Going to upload a picture of something I have made, and see if I can actually manage to accomplish it with minimal brain-ouch  lol  Here goes!

Well, look like it might have worked!  This is the pillow cover I've been going on about making for my mum.  We'll see how it looks after I've published this post!


It's been so busy lately!  I've been crafting away, trying to finish things that need finishing, starting things that shouldn't be started yet but got started any, and generally trying to make myself go crazier with crafting!  Which reminds me, I nee to take some pictures of the stuff I've made, since I FINALLY have something resembling a camera, YAY!!!  I got a new phone for Valentine's Day from the hubby, and it takes pretty good pictures, so there may soon be pics of things I'm making on here, YAY!!!  Now if I can just figure out how to post pictures, everything would be great.  lol  Anyway, I finished all of the hands and the appliques on the pillow cover for my mum, now I'm just trying to decide whether or not I want to put the names on as well.  I mean, it should be kinda easy to figure out which hand is which, but I think she might like having their names on there as well.  I dunno, I'll give it more thought later.  I think I might stop now so that I can take pictures of these things.  Might be back with pictures later!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I finally finished that hat for my friend's husband, YAY!!!  Still have the scarf to go now, but that can wait!  My goal now is to finish the pillow cover for my mother.  I absolutely MUST get that done before the end of this month, no more procrastinating!  So, though I have to do cleaning and taking care of children today, I have almost all week (I say almost because Monday I'm going food shopping and that can sometimes take all day!) to work on it and hopefully finish it.  I can't wait, I hope I do get to finish it this week!  I just haven't been feeling like working on embroidery for a while, so who knows!  Really I haven't felt like doing ANYTHING crafty for a bit now, so we'll see!  That's all, just a short little post this time.  Enjoy!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Plugging away...

So today I made a bunch of decorations for Valentine's day, but now I have to make a TON more because I forgot to finish making the Valentine's my kids are taking to school with them tomorrow!  UGH!  And I could have finished them today no problem had I just thought about it!  So guess this means it's a short blog post tonight, because I need to get my butt off this machine and finish them!  yeah great, I have nearly all of them made, but none of them have faces or words on them!  Time to go!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Been a while since I last posted, mainly because of illness on my part, but also because of boredom and just lack of a want to do much.  I've been helping my younger two decorate their Valentine's day "mailboxes" for the parties their classes are having on Friday, and it's been great fun.  V has a shoe box that I partially covered with cardboard from a Girl Scout Cookie case to make a lid, then I added a button to the new "top" and a hair elastic attached to another button to the bottom and the elastic loops over the button, holding the whole thing closed.  I then covered the entire thing in white paper, taking care not to use tape on any part where glue would be, since the tape wouldn't really hold the glue well, y'know?  For E, I took a regular cardboard box, one that wasn't too big of course, cut a hole in the top then covered that whole thing with white paper as well, and then a hole in the bottom so that he can get at the goodies inside on Friday!  So now we have two boxes covered in white paper.  Not very Valentine's-like, is it?  So I spent about 2 hours cutting out different-sized hearts from coloured construction paper, most of them fairly large, because I didn't want to spend days on this project.  While I did that, I set the kids to cutting out pictures they likes that reminded them of Valentine's day from some of my MANY old magazines.  The only problem THAT posed was that they decided to just cut out random stuff, mainly pictures of dogs and babies!  So I had to scratch that idea entirely and stick with just the hearts.  We're also going to use stickers that I picked up, so I think they'll enjoy getting to put those on before Friday.  I hope they enjoy all the hard work I put into making these things!  lol

Let's see, other than that, I spent most of today on the couch or in bed, because as I said before, I've not been feeling well.  I did, however, manage to add a few rows to a hat I'm making for a friend's husband, and if I'm lucky I might be able to finish it completely tomorrow!  Once that's done, I think I really need to finish that pillow cover for my mother that I started.  After all, her birthday is tomorrow!  lol  But maybe by Mother's Day I'll manage to get it done.  Guess since she's already waited more than a year, a few more months won't really make much of a difference.  Anyway, that's about it for now.  Just trying to stay on top of these projects so I don't start to feel buried by them.  :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


It's been a few days, and I really haven't worked on anything.  Oh, I did work a bit on the hat I'm making for a friend's husband, but really not much else.  I cut out the applique's for my mum's pillow, and now I just have to figure out how I'm going to attach them.  However, I have still been crafting!  I found a bunch of different ideas for homemade Valentine's day cards, and I think I'm going to have the kids make them with me this weekend, provided they get their chores done, of course!  I'm also thinking about making some decorations for the house, but those shouldn't be too difficult to manage.  All you really need is construction paper, scissors and time in front of a TV!  lol  I think I'm going to make garlands of hearts, maybe some flowers the same way, and ceiling-hung "heart-flakes", which are basically just snowflakes cut into heart shapes and then fanned out like a regular paper snowflake.  Too cute!  I may also have to stop giving my neighbour all of my toilet paper rolls, because there are some great chains that can be made out of painted toilet paper rolls that get cut up and hung on a string, and I REALLY want to make them!  So we'll see!  I have to find the beads it calls for, or see if I have any that I can use instead, but I think they'll look good when I get done!  :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Haven't been working on any of my projects lately.  I've not been feeling well, but I do plan to work on the one for my mum today.  I think I need to lay out the appliques, and I'm seriously thinking about blanket-stitching the edges, but making them slightly stuffed instead of a single layer.  I think it'll make the appliques look better somehow.  Just my thought, we'll see how it goes, of course!  But I think it'll look good.  I just wish I had a camera to take pictures of the stuff I'm making, since I would really like to get pictures of things before I send them to their new homes.  Ah well, tax money will (hopefully!) be here soon and then I can either get my camera fixed or replace it entirely.  Can't WAIT!  :)